Friday, October 24, 2014

Homework week of October 27


We need Kroger gift cards for our Auction Basket.

Spelling City is updated for the week with both lists 10 & 11.

6th Language -- All sources (3-5) for research reports need to be brought to class by Thursday.

5th / 6th Spelling -- Test over List 10 is Wed.

Bible -- Memorize Matt 6:25-26 by Friday.

History -- Current Event Due Friday (must be on a local event or local news -- Desoto or Shelby County); quiz tomorrow

Reading -- New Vocab

Science -- CCU 4 section E #1-10; Quiz Wednesday

Tuesday --
History -- Read pages 99-101. Complete CCU 6 section C #9-13 and D all

5th Language -- page 86 THink D; quiz tomorrow

Wednesday --
History -- CCU 6 section G and H all; Test Friday

Thursday --
6th Language -- Turn in 3 Bibliography cards tomorrow for a grade.

History -- CCU 6 sections E all and F #4-9; test tomorrow

Science - quiz tomorrow

5th Lang -- Write an adverb to modify: ran, studied, talked. Use each adverb and verb pair in a sentence.

Friday --
Science -- CCU 4 section D #3-8 and E #11-19; Test next Tuesday over Ch 4

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Homework week of October 20

6th Grade Language -
**Choose research report topic by Thursday. I will help with this.**

Friday - Rewrite paragraph on page 80.

5th and 6th Grade Spelling -
Test over List 9 on Wednesday. Homework due.
****6th Grade only - no vocab assignment is required this week.****

History -
Tuesday - Read pages 86-88. Chapter Check Up 6 section B all and C 1-5.
Wednesday - Skill Sheet 13
Thursday - CCU 6 section C #6-8, and F #-1-3

Reading -
Vocab Quiz on Friday
1) animation - the quality of being active and excited
2) anxious - worried, uneasy
3) awe - a mixed emotion of respect and wonder
4) exertion - the act of putting forth great effort
5) lodge - to stay overnight
6) reverence - utmost respect
7) threshold - the floor of a doorway

Science -
Monday - reread pages 96-97; CCU 4 sect C #5-7 and D #1-2
Friday - CCU 4 section C #8-12, WorkSheet #8

5th Language -
Monday - Diagram #2-10, evens only, page 80; quiz tomorrow
Tuesday - Test tomorrow
***Noah Webster book report will be started in class on Thursday. It is due on Monday of next week.***

*****See HERO page for quiz and test schedule. The blog does not have all of it listed*****

Friday, October 10, 2014

Homework 9/13/14

Welcome back from Fall Break! I hope everyone got some much needed rest, relaxation, and fun in over the last week.


1) Start working on Silent Auction donations and items for our Harvest Festival Basket. I am sending home a tax letter to show to businesses as you ask for donations. Make as many copies as necessary of the letter. I have gotten a very nice gift card a restaurant just by asking. If we all did that, this would be the most successful Harvest Fest yet!

2) I am also sending home a letter inviting your child to be a part of a LEGO mini-club sponsored by myself. If you are interested in your child participating, send in the $20 club fee (to me -- not the office) and the permission slip by Thursday. To complete all 3 sets that I have planned, we need 10 people in the club; otherwise I will minimize our sets to 2.

3) Harvest Festival is November 8. We will be checking with you to sign up for a volunteer spot in the coming weeks. Keep your eyes open.


Due to my accident just before Fall Break, we did not have our discussion and quiz over the first 3 chapters of Noah Webster on October 3. Therefore, our new schedule will be chapters 1-3 on Wednesday, OCtober 15 and Chapters 4-6 OCtober 17


6th Language - Think A pg 65; quiz tomorrow

Bible - Memorize Matt 6:23-24; Quiz over lesson 9 on Friday

Science - Chapt Check Up 3 section A #11-18; quiz tomorrow

Spelling - List 8 test and homework due Wednesday

History - Skill Sheet 11A and B (this will be graded); quiz tomorrow

5th Language - page 79 Think C

Spelling - List 8 test and homework tomorrow

Science - Worksheet 6; Test tomorrow over Ch 1-3

6th Lang - Test tomorrow

Thursday -

History - CCU 5 C all, tomorrow test
**** The test will be open book. However, students will need to study for the test. They will only have an hour to complete the test.

Reading - Vocab quiz tomorrow

Bible - Matt 6:23-24 quiz and Lesson 9 quiz

Friday -
Science - CCU section C #1-4 and SS 7

Friday, September 26, 2014

Homework 9/29/14


6th Language - Finish page 54

5th Language - page 69 D & E; begin reading Noah Webster - a book schedule is being handed out in class

5th / 6th Spelling - test over list 7 on Wednesday

Reading - Vocab Quiz Friday
         1) creed - a statement of what one believes
         2) criticize - judge and find fault with
         3) disembark - to get off a ship
         4) doxology - a short hymn of praise
         5) hostile - relating to an enemy
         6) provision - the act of supplying needs
         7) spontaneous - not planned


6th Language - begin reading Billy Sunday

History - quiz tomorrow

Science - quiz tomorow

Wednesday -

History - CCU 5 section B #1-6 and D all

5th Language - quiz tomorrow

Thursday -

6th Language - page 62 Think B #6-15

History - CCU 5 section E all of first part

Science - CCU 3 section C #5-10 and worksheet 5


No homework - Fall Break

Friday, September 19, 2014

Homework 9/15

Bring in grilling items for our silent auction basket as you have them ready! I am collecting all items now.

******5th grade should have read Rosa by Wednesday. Bring the books to class for an in-class book report*****

Reading - New Vocab
      1) appraising - judging
      2) ardent - full of strong feeling or devotion
      3) greenhorn - a newcomer
      4) heed - pay attention to
      5) rove - to move about freely
      6) steerage - the section of a ship that has the cheapest rooms
      7) tracts - small pamphlets that provide infomration

Bible - Matthew 6:19-20 quiz on Friday; Lesson 7 quiz on Friday

History - Quiz tomorrow; Test Thursday

5th Language - Diagram Subjects and Verbs on page 62; test tomorrow

6th Language - Quiz tomorrow

5th / 6th Spelling - List 6 test Wednesday. Homework due Wednesday.

Tuesday -
History Chap Check Up 4 Section C #6-7 and D all and F all

Wednesday -
6th Language - Finish page 48

History - Chapt Check Up 4 section B #8 and G #5-13; Test tomorrow

Thursday -
Bible - Matt 6:19-20 and Lesson 7 quizzes tomorrow

Reading - Vocab quiz tomorrow

Science - Read pages 81-84 and do Chapt Check Up 3 section A #1-10

5th / 6th Spelling - Begin List 7. Test / homework October 1

Friday -
6th Language - Page 54 Think

Science - Chapt Check Up 3 section B #1-6 and C #1-4

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Homework 9/15/14


Friday is a full day dismissal of school. Enjoy your long weekend.

No Bible Memorization this week!! We will have more next week.

Science- study for quiz tomorrow; complete chapter check up 2 section d #15-22

6th Language - quiz tomorrow

5th/6th Spelling - Test and homework on Wednesday

Reading - Vocab quiz Thursday

6th Language - Think D pg 37

Bible - page 36; quiz Friday

5th Language - Finish Think C pg 55

5th / 6th Spelling - Test and homework tomorrow

Science - Test Thursday

History - Quiz tomorrow

Wednesday -
History - Skill Sheet 8 and Chapter Check Up 4 E all and G #1-4

Science Chapter Check Up 2 B all and E all; Test tomorrow

Reading - Vocab quiz tomorrow

Thursday -
6th Language - Think E page 42 and F page 43

5th / 6th Spelling - List 6 test / homework next Wednesday

Saturday, September 6, 2014

September 8-12


On Monday, I will send home graded papers, as well as a letter stating whether or not we need to meet for Parent-Teacher Conferences. Please make sure to sign the pages and return as soon as possible to get the times that you need for Conferences.

Mammal Posters are due no later than Tuesday, September 9. I believe I originally said Monday, September 8, but the rubric said Tuesday. So Tuesday it is! Any reports received on Wednesday will have a 1 letter grade reduction. Please get them in. I already have 2!

Monday --

Bible - Memorize Ephesians 6:19-20 by Friday; Quiz over Lesson 5 on Friday

History -- Quiz Wednesday; Test Friday

Reading -- Begin studying new vocab for Friday's quiz

Spelling -- Test Wednesday; homework due (list 4)

Science - Read pages 56-57, complete worksheet; Quiz Wednesday

5th Grade Language -- Page 43 Think C

Tuesday ---

Bible - Memorize Ephesians 6:19-20 by Friday; Quiz over Lesson 5 on Friday

History -- Chapt Check Up 3 B #13 and D #7-10; Quiz Wednesday; Test Friday

Reading -- Begin studying new vocab for Friday's quiz

Spelling -- Test tomorrow; homework due (list 4)

Science -- Quiz tomorrow tomorrow

Wednesday --

Bible - Memorize Ephesians 6:19-20 by Friday; Quiz over Lesson 5 on Friday

History -- Chapt Check Up 3 section C #1-5 and D #11; Test Friday

Readng - Study vocab for Friday's quiz

Thursday --

Bible - Quiz tomorrow over Ephesians 6:19-20 and Lesson 5

History - Chapt Check Up 3 sect C #6-12; Test tomorrow

Spelling - List 5 test / homework next Wednesday

5th Language - Think B and Write C page 48

6th Language - Quiz tomorrow


No Written Homework (enjoy your weekend)

Science -- quiz next Tuesday

5th Language -- Quiz Monday